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From Pastor Tim
Updated: Mar 3, 2014


The car had stalled on the side of the road. The man had exhausted all options he could think of to get it started, when a car pulled up behind him and a stranger got out and asked if he could help. The man explained his frustration and that he did not know what more he could do. The stranger quietly asked if he could look under the hood. He then said that his name was Mr. Ford and he had made the car and understood it completely. In no time, the car was running again.
There is someone who made you and understands you completely. Is it not a little strange when we seem reluctant to let Him “look under the hood” when things are running rough?

It was a favorite game.  With eyes shut tight (at least they were supposed to be) you could hear the person counting, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…25. Coming, ready or not!”  Scrambling to find a place to hide and then being, oh so still…  That was family fun, filled with giggles and laughter.


           “Who am I?  Why am I here? Where am I going?”  These are questions that fill the mind of a person in an “Identity Crisis”.   An identity crisis opens the person to dramatic change.  God has promised a dramatic, positive change for your life. He has also predicted a dramatic change in your world that is not so good. Are you ready for these changes?  Can you hear the cry, “Coming, ready or not!”   This is more than a game,   this is about life – Eternal Life!

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