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Circles of Friendships
Updated: Apr 11, 2012
By Jim Hilde,

The warmth of true friendship, the love that binds heart to heart is a foretaste of the joys of heaven.



Friendship Groups Coordinator:                   Jim Hilde  jkhilde@gorge.net

Friendship Group Leaders:                                      As Listed

Friendship Members:                                              Friends
                                                                           All People
                                                                           All Persuasions
Adult Friendship Bible Study Groups:
               Teacher/Assistant     -                            Friendship Group Leader
               Tom Smith / Willard Cordis                    Jackie Parker
               Alice Lewis / Calvin Fischer                     Mary Henry
               Sergio Paredes & Galen Comstock           Sergio Paredes
               Pastor Tim Gray                                           Pastor Gray    
Youth Friendship Bible Study Group:
               Teachers          -                                   Friendship Group Leader
               Gary Garvin, Andrew Fischer                  Eileen Van Tassel
               Eileen Van Tassel,
               Ardy Cordis (when available)
Group minimum size, and goals & objectives:
               For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  Matt. 18: 20
              Look into and participate in multiple Friendship Circles. 
              Give the Friendship Group leader a call.

Mission Statement:
”Circles of Friendships” provides opportunities for strengthening relationships and building lasting bonds between friends while enjoying activities of common interests.

  He drew a circle that shut me out Heretic, Rebel, a thing to flout but love and I
  had the wit to win; we drew a circle that took him in. --Edwin Markham


Adult Friendship   Jackie Parker
  Sanctuary   Sabbath AM   Weekly
    Bible Study Group   Mary Henry    
  Church – Downstairs South   Sabbath AM   Weekly
    Sergio Paredes   
  Church – Downstairs South   Sabbath AM   Weekly
    Pastor Tim Gray
  Church – Downstairs South   Sabbath AM   Weekly
Youth   Eileen Van Tassel
  Mother's Room   Sabbath AM   Weekly
Children’s Story Hour   Open        Open   Open    
Backpacking   Gary Garvin
 1 503-312-9733
  Open   Open   Summer
Kayaking & Canoeing   Jim Hilde
  Columbia River or Lake    Summer   Once a year
Steam Boating   Larry Graham
  TBD   Summer   Once a Year
Prayer Group    David Carl
  Mothers Room   After Church Service   Weekly
Bible Text Memorization        David Carl    Mothers Room   After Potluck   3rd. Sabbath of Month
Bible Marking   Jim Hilde
      Open   Ask Jim for Bible Marking Guide
Womens Prayer & PraiseGroup     Joan Robins
  Mothers Room                          Monday 10:00 AM      Weekly
Great Controversy Project   Jim Hilde
NOTE TO ONE AND ALL:  We want our list of group activities to grow so if you have interest in the above activities or other activities please call  Jim Hilde 509-773-4591

Websites of interest:          become connected
                  http://greatcontroversyproject.adventist.org/                                             World wide distribution of “THE GREAT HOPE” ( 42 or 11 chapter printings of G.C. for distribution)
                  http://www.hopetv.org/                                                                                                           The SDA “HOPE CHANNEL” on the internet
                  http://www.news.adventist.org/                                                                        “adventist news network”
                  http://www.adventist.org/bible-study/sabbath-school.html               Official site of the SDA world wide church
                  http://www.nadadventist.org/index.php                                                        SDA North American Division
                  http://www.adventistnw.org/                                                                             SDA Pacific Northwest Union Conference
                  http://www.uccsda.org/                                                                                         SDA Upper Columbia Conference
                  http://www.goldendaleadventist.org/index.php                                         Goldendale SDA Church
                  http://www.adra.org                                                                                                Adventist Development and Relief Agency
                  http://www.afmonline.org/                                                                                  Frontier Missions
NOTE TO ONE AND ALL: We want to grow so if you have interest in the above activities or other activities please call the leader of that group or Jim Hilde.


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