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The Fires in the Northwest and  how to help!

With fires in Idaho and Washington setting records –
the help needed is at an all time high!  There has been an outpouring of volunteers, over 3,000, who for the first time in state history are helping to battle the blazes.  U.S. soldiers and fire managers from New Zealand and Australia have joined in also.  Many of our own church members are helping where they can in their communities.  Quite a few have called to ask where they can give financial donations.
“Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ASCDR) has responded and we have been asked to be on standby at this time,” says Larry Mays, North Pacific Union Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, stated. “Obviously, that can change at any time.  For now, though, we are encouraging monetary donations.”
Here are the ways to give:
Through your local church online giving account or by marking a tithe envelope “UCC Disaster Response”.
Through the conference giving site atwww.uccsda.org.
3.      Mail a check marked "UCC Disaster Response" to UCC Disaster Response, Upper Columbia Conference, 3715 S Grove Road, Spokane, WA  99224

Your financial contributions will go directly to assist those in need.  Thank you for keeping everyone in your prayers. Hopefully this immediate challenge will be over soon so they can focus on the recovery.
Help with Long Term Fire Recovery
Volunteer to participate in the Community Rebuilding Mission Trip planned for October 25-November 2.
Northwest Adventists will be working with faith-based organizations to help families in Chelan and Okanogan counties to rebuild homes from last year's fire and help with recovery from this year's fire.  If you would like to help ACS Disaster Response with this Northwest mission project  contact Sue Johnson at sue.johnson@wc.npuc.org or call the Washington Conference at

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