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Goldendale Adventist Church

Goldendale Adventist Church


                                                    Goldendale Seventh-Day Adventist Church Mission Statement:
                                          “To be a loving body where lives are changed, and 
                                        people are loved into fellowship and the Kingdom of God.”

April / May 2017 
Sabb.  April 22 11:00 am  Pastor Don Klinger
              from Upper Columbia Conference

                                            2:00 pm  Prayer Group cancelled.

                                           2:00 pm  Pastor Don Klinger “Protecting Our Children”

Sabb.  April 29  11:00 am  Tim Gary
Sabb.  May 06    11:00 am  Tim Gary
Sabb.  May 13    11:00 am  Tim Gary   

 All Sabbaths;   Fellowship Potluck Meal following the sermon
      2:00 pm  “Praying for the Holy Spirit” (Sergio’s SS classroom)
Childrens Church the second Sabbath of every Month.
immediately following the children’s story, ages 3-6

The joy and blessings of the Sabbath
Friday Sunsets 4/21 at 7:58 pm


Looking Ahead

One-day Women’s Retreat at Brookside Park, Sabbath, May 20, 2017.
See Sarah Smith to sign up.
Goldendale Adventist School Yard Sale, June 8, 9 and maybe 11.  Please keep this sale in mind and begin setting things aside that you can afford to donate.  This will benefit the school’s general fund.  Location has not been decided yet, but we will announce where soon.      David Carl

BLC* = Better Living Center

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Service Times
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Saturday Mornings
Song Service 9:15
Welcome, Scripture and Prayer 9:25 
Bible Study 9:30 (individual classes) 
Our Worship Service 11:00

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We're Located at
59 Bickleton Hwy.
(PO Box 71 mailing address)
Goldendale, WA 98620

Ph. (509) 773-4381

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