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Goldendale Adventist Church

Goldendale Adventist Church


                                                    Goldendale Seventh-Day Adventist Church Mission Statement:
                                          “To be a loving body where lives are changed, and 
                                        people are loved into fellowship and the Kingdom of God.”

July/August 2017 
Sabb.  July 08 11:00 am  Pastor Ron Woolsey
               2:30 pm  Pastor Ron Woolsey 

                                   4:00 pm  Pastor Ron Woolsey 

Sabb.       July     15 11:00 am Tim Gary
Sabb.  July 22  11:00 am Tim Gary 

Sabb.  July 13  11:00 am Tim Gary     
All Sabbaths;Fellowship Potluck Meal following the sermon 
2:00 pm  “Praying for the Holy Spirit” (Sergio’s SS classroom)

Childrens Church the second Sabbath of every Month.
immediately following the children’s story, ages 3-6

The joy and blessings of the Sabbath

The joy and blessings of the Sabbath 
Friday 7/7 at 8:55 pm
Friday sunsets:
 7/14 at 8:51    7/21 at 8:44pm     7/28 at 8:37 pm

Pastor Tim Gray                                                                                
Home: 773-5028     Office :   773-4381
Head Elder......................................   Calvin Fischer
Bulletin  (Thursday Noon Deadline)........  Diane Musten
Church Pianist:   Delmarie Null   Organist:  Faye Fischer


Looking Ahead

Outdoor Church at Tuppers, July 15, potluck. (No bulletin July 15)
Ice Cream Social at the Brosts, Sun., July 16, 4:00 pm
VBS starts Mon., July 24th.


BLC* = Better Living Center

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Service Times
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Saturday Mornings
Song Service 9:15
Welcome, Scripture and Prayer 9:25 
Bible Study 9:30 (individual classes) 
Our Worship Service 11:00

Please join us!
We're Located at
59 Bickleton Hwy.
(PO Box 71 mailing address)
Goldendale, WA 98620

Ph. (509) 773-4381

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